Oil = Love

In Sanksrit, the ancient language of Ayurveda & Yoga, oil (sneha) also means love. To anoint one's body with oil is one way to love and nurture yourself. It's called Abhyanga and it is part of the Ayurvedic daily routine to promote overall wellness, slow the aging process, and aid detoxification. To name a few more benefits of daily Abhyanga: softer skin, brighter complexion, toned muscles, lubricated joints, calm mind, balanced mood, and improved sleep.

Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to acquaint yourself with Abhyanga. Give to yourself and/or a loved one during this season of love. Contact us to schedule an Abhyanga with one our experienced Ayurvedic body workers during the month of February and get 10% off. This promotion can be used towards any body work treatment with MAC including energy balancing sessions with Jerry. Don't forget to ask about our gift certificates.

If you'd like to learn how to do this for yourself at home try watching this video from Banyan Botanicals.

Love to all!



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